Insulated Food Container

Insulated Food JugGoing out to lunch might be a welcome break for most office workers but some might find it tiresome. Give this insulated food jug as an exquisite company present to staff who enjoy bringing lunch from home. The insulation keeps food, soup or beverages at the desire temperature and can store up to 10 oz in volume. The air tight feature ensures that spillages will not occur and the wide opening means you can eat straight from the food container. If your company is in the Food & Beverages business, this product would be ideal to be given to your customers as a corporate gift. Do also take a look at our other temperature-control products such as thermos flasks and cooler bags at our website.

Portable Weighing Scale

Portable Weighing ScaleWeight Watchers’ Delight – The second season of The Biggest Loser Asia is upon us. Are you inspired by the contestants’ willpower and long to live healthier yourself? If you wish to spread the joy of good health to your staff, this portable weighing scale is an excellent item to give as a premium company present. Measuring just 25cm x 25cm x 50cm and itself weighing a lightweight 600g, it is easy to carry around for use. Weight Watchers will also delight in the easy-to-read digital display which slides into the casing for compact keeping. There are two colours for you to choose from to reflect your personality, “Cool Blue” or “Pretty in Pink”. For other great gift ideas, visit our website. Here’s a toast to good health!

Coffee Mug

Stainless Steel Coffee MugCoffee mugs are required is required to fulfil the most essential supplies in the office – Coffee!  If you need coffee to drink and keep you wide awake (unless you are already used to it), you will definitely need a coffee mug.  We have wide-ranging mugs available to choose from, including stainless steel mugs, plastic mugs, frosted glass mugs and ceramic mugs.  Just drop by at our mugs and cups subpage to see more. If you want some more creative mug designs, we also have some available – some have fake ceramic finish, some mugs with spoons, as well as premium, high quality AgreeTM branded mugs.  Among the newer items is the leather stainless steel mug. Logo mugs are available too – just provide us with your company logo and we can print it on any of our wide-ranging mugs to become a logo mug.

Give Coasters as Premium Corporate Gifts

Admit it, guys. You have no idea why the women in your life put those little things to line your mugs, soft-drink cans or beer bottles before putting it on the table. Well, those dainty whatchamacallits are coasters and they serve to protect delicate surfaces from scratches or stains due to the heat or cold of your beverages. So now that you know what they are, show them you are no caveman either! Give coasters as mementos for wine-tasting events, the opening of a new restaurant branch, a new cocktail at your bar, and just about any other occasion. Our coasters come in different materials such as plastic, aluminium or foam material and include modern designs such as the Fatty Man Coaster, or the Apple Coaster Set. Complement the coasters by giving out commemorative non-breakable mugs or ceramic coffee cups. Click here to see our full range.

Pedometer Palette

PedometerAn old campaign by the Ministry of Health used to go “20 minit setiap sesi, dalam seminggu hanya 3 kali” (20 minutes each session, only 3 times a week). This year, encourage your staff with their New Year’s Resolution and reignite this call to good health by giving your staff a pedometer palette as a year-end gift. Otherwise, make this a sought-after goodie bag item for sports tournaments or company games. Sports enthusiasts or weight watchers will certainly appreciate this device as a present. This pedometer fits comfortably on an athlete’s arm/leg with its durable elastic strap. Visit our website for other premium health gift ideas towards a healthier you.

Luxury Travel Organizer

Leather Travel OrganizerThe higher you go up the corporate ladder, the more likely you will be travelling to other places for business meetings and conferences. This leather travelling organizer is a great helper to the executive who rakes up frequent flier miles as often as people rake leaves in autumn. If you present this premium travel organizer as a premium corporate giveaway to your client, he or she will definitely appreciate the multi-compartments and pockets to easily store traveller’s cheques, business cards, credit cards and other documentation. If you prefer not to put all the eggs in one basket, there are other individual leather items for you such as name card holders, passport holders, key pouches, wallets and phone pouches. Click here to see the range of leather products which we can customise for you.

Premium Gift Towels

Premium Bath TowelsTowels are the perfect items to be placed in goodie bags of your golf tournament or company sports day. After a long day of fun in the sun, a towel can be the ideal companion to make sure you stay cool and dry. Let us help you commemorate your event by embroidering the name and date onto face towels or bath towels. The towel can also symbolise a token of appreciation for all the sweat and hard work your staff have contributed throughout the year. With a wide variety of sizes and thickness available, it will be easy for you to find one that is suitable as a premium gift. The different colours (most colours you can think of) allow you to choose one that matches your corporate colour or identity. Click here to view the full towel range.

Football Stress Ball

Football Stress BallThe World Cup 2010 may be over but it is time for the regular football season again. Encourage good health by giving your employees this football-shaped stress ball as a company gift. Squeezing a stress ball when the going gets tough helps relieve your stress a bit (Fabio Capello could do well with this stress ball). This 70mm diameter mini football fits snugly in your palms and is made of polypropylene foam, thus making it durable even with repeated pressing. Customise this memorabilia by having your organisation’s name and logo printed on it. We also offer other shapes of stress balls such as football jerseys, heart shaped stress balls and star stress balls. Come visit our website for more options of premier goodies and other health related gift products.

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Eco Friendly PensMichael Jackson got it right when he wrote “Heal the World”, urging everyone to rethink their role in saving Mother Nature. It has been years since that song was written and progress for a better Earth seems to be slow. However, environmental issues are heating up again these days with organisations trying to outdo each other in the race for green products. Corporations now see the consumer demand for quality goods which also reduce their carbon footprint. Help your company achieve its corporate social responsibility and be part of this revolution. Go Green by selecting a premium gift from our range of eco gifts. Visit our website to view reusable shopping bags, notepads made from recycled paper, eco-friendly colour pencils, rubber wood keychains, and other gift items.

Silicone Bracelet

Silicone BraceletsDuring his battle against cancer, US cyclist and Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong established the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help improve the lives of people affected by the disease. He subsequently launched the LiveStrong campaign with its distinctive yellow silicone bracelet. This silicone bracelet became viral and soon spread to other campaigns. Silicone bracelets, also sometimes known as silicone/rubber wrist bands are great promotional gift items as they are cheap, and can be worn by the young and old while promoting your company’s branding. Now, it is given another twist by the addition of a wristband USB flash drive. This is a great item to be given as a premium gift to your staff or customers as it can be worn, thus reducing the risk of losing important data stored in the USB drive. This product is available as red, blue, green, purple, indigo, or yellow wristbands.

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