Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter or travel adaptor is a device used to convert various sockets in one country or region to suit the plug of the device you are using from your home country.  There are various AC power plugs and sockets throughout the world, some with 2 pins and some with 3 pins, together with different voltage and watts.  These travel adapters act as a saviour by ensuring your devices you bring along during your travel can be used anywhere in the world.  It is definitely a must-have international travel companion if you fly around the world all the time.  One of the most popular brand for travel adaptors is the Swiss Travel Products.  But if you are considering something cheaper that are within your budget, you should consider OEM versions of these adapters that are also certified in their quality.  Where to buy travel adapters in Malaysia?  Look no further than your preferred supplier of universal travel adapters, IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd.  As these items would suit your budget, why not buy some to give out as your company’s corporate gifts?  Just print your corporate logo onto them and give these international travel adapters to your stakeholders – they will surely be happy to get one!  Buy Now >

Plastic Pens for Your Promotional Needs

Plastic pens are one of the most common promotional items given out in exhibitions, fairs, trade shows, meetings, etc in Malaysia.  Whoever said that a pen is mightier that a sword is even more true now since it can be used nowadays to give away, together with your company’s branding and information to fight for market share or more customers from your competitors.  Pens are a giveaway that is useful to all walks of society – students, employees, customers, kids, etc. would all use a pen in their everyday lives no matter how high-tech they are.  As the preferred plastic pen supplier in Malaysia, IPC Gifts can supply, print logo and delivery a wide-range of plastic pens with various colours, design, size, shape and refill to all your plastic pen needs.

A4 Size Photo Frame as Certificate Holder

Finally it has arrived!  Due to popular demand and enquiries for photo frames in the A4 size, our new stock has arrived to fulfil this demand.  This A4-sized certificate holder is unlike the normal velvet-typed conventional certificate holder.  It is very good to give out as a recognition for any awards for students, employees as well as VIPs for their contribution to your organization.  It acts both as a photo frame as well as certificate holder and would be suitable for dual-use just in case the user would like to tuck-in and keep their certificates safely somewhere else and instead replacing it with some photos for other people to view.  For more information on this A4 size photo frame, please do drop by at the photo frame website category.

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