Premium Gift Printing

Premium Gift Printing on ToolsetPrinting is required on your premium gifts to ensure that your company or organization’s branding is personalized on the gift.  Why give a corporate gift item if you do not have any branding on it?  You are giving out gifts to be sure clients are constantly being reminded of your company’s brand and products your company is selling.  It is especially useful if your printing of these premium gift items are placed on everyday-use items such as mugs, desktop items or bags – they would definitely notice your company logo every other day.  Typically, a one-stop premium gift supplier would provide printing services together with the supply of these gift items to you.

Premium gift printing may involve a few different method of printing.  The most common method of premium gift printing is silkscreen printing.  Typically, these type of printing can be used for surfaces that are flat.  Most premium gift printing that involves solid colour only will be printing using the silk screen printing method.  Typically, the price of silkscreen printing on premium gifts would depend on the number of colours the printing requires.  As silksreen printing involves a “template” or “mould” that can only be used to print a single colour, one mould or screen template must be created for each colour of the branding or logo that needs printing.  Each colour of the logo or design will then be printed individually.  Silkscreen printing can be used for most gift items such as gift mugs, bottles, umbrellas, stationeries, promotional pens, etc.

Full Colour Printing on MousepadFull colour printing (example: a photo) can also sometimes be printed on premium gifts.  Typically, less people would opt for this type of premium gift printing as they are very expensive.  Printing of full colour is most common in mugs.  Also, full colour printing is available for certain premium gifts such as paper products including paper bags, diaries with cardboard covers, calenders, etc.  The printing method used for non-paper products is typically water transfer printing or heat-transfer printing which is very costly.  Whereas, printing of paper products uses a very different technology – i.e. offset printing or digital print and can only be printed on paper-based products.

Instead of printing, your premium gift product may also need other method of customization including embroidery, hot-stamping, laser engraving or embossing/debossing.  Back to our premium gift blog >

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