Give Coasters as Premium Corporate Gifts

Admit it, guys. You have no idea why the women in your life put those little things to line your mugs, soft-drink cans or beer bottles before putting it on the table. Well, those dainty whatchamacallits are coasters and they serve to protect delicate surfaces from scratches or stains due to the heat or cold of your beverages. So now that you know what they are, show them you are no caveman either! Give coasters as mementos for wine-tasting events, the opening of a new restaurant branch, a new cocktail at your bar, and just about any other occasion. Our coasters come in different materials such as plastic, aluminium or foam material and include modern designs such as the Fatty Man Coaster, or the Apple Coaster Set. Complement the coasters by giving out commemorative non-breakable mugs or ceramic coffee cups. Click here to see our full range.

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