Reusable Bags

Do you need resusable bags as part of your packaged door gift for your annual dinner or wedding?  If yes, you have come to the right place.  We have a wide-range of reusable non-woven bags or shopping bags that are in various design and materials, including non-woven, polyester 600D, canvas, organza, nylon and velvet materials.  Your annual dinner is not complete with door gifts come packaged with our new-range of environmental friendly reusable bags or sometimes referred to as recycle bags. Do drop by at our door gift website so that you can get all your recycle shopping bags needs. Also, checkout our older “Reusable Bags” post here or shopping bag blog here.  Contact Us at 03-62772764

Bags Supplier

Organza BagsNeed a bag supplier? Or do you just need some ideas of what bags to get?  Get all your ideas for corporate gifts, especially bags on Iprecious blog.  If you need something small to package your door gift during festivals, weddings or “kenduris” such as organza bags that’s the best place to get it, with IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd.  Why choose other bags suppliers when you have a knowledgable, good-service and friendly company such as IPC?  We can propose everything you need for your premium gifts especially bags.  Contact 012-617 1155 (Ms Lydia) for the best corporate gift and bags supplier in Malaysia today!

Handbag Hook

Bag HookTwinkle Twinkle Little Star – You’ve just arrived at your company’s annual gala dinner looking fit and fabulous. After all the pleasantries you finally make it to your seat. Then you’re faced with this common dilemma: Where do I put my evening bag? Now lessee… I could put it behind my seat. “What? And risk having my crocodile leather clutch become crocodile leather crush?” Maybe the floor would do. “No way will I risk my neighbour kicking into my pristine white calfskin bag!” Yes, yes, calm down. We understand you perfectly ladies. Now pray very hard that the event planners had just given you this bejewelled bag hook as your door gift. Dear bosses, this compact little darling sits pretty on the dinner table and gives the deserving ladies in your company an excellent place to hang their handbags whenever they have functions to attend. So present them with this as a company gift and they will surely remember your thoughtfulness every time they use this handbag hook. This bag holder comes in two shapes, heart and round. Visit our site for more glittering ideas for giving premium corporate gifts including handbag hooks.

Foldable Travel Bags

Foldable Travelling BagsFeeling adventurous? Longing for the fun that the zany Ian Wright and the other Globe Trekkers have? Share your feeling of wanderlust with your customers or staff by giving travelling bags as freebies. These ripstop nylon bags fold up into a 12cm x 12cm x 12cm compact size and are ideal for trips to shopping havens, be it Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong or even Paris. These green, pink, blue and orange foldable travel bags just scream “fun!” and are ready from the moment you say “vacation”. Get your company logo printed on these bags and let the travel bugs do your marketing for you wherever they go. Be forewarned though, having your corporate image with them all the times might compel them to buy souvenirs for you. For these travel bags and other exciting premium gift ideas, visit our website.

Reusable Bags

A very popular promotional giveaway item used as packaging for premium gifts and brochures these days are reusable bags.  Many corporations, businesses and organizations use bags such as nylon bags, non-woven bags, canvas bags and jute bags as part of their promotional program such as roadshows, events, seminars and exhibitions. Normally a catalogue or brochure would be inserted into the bags, normally together with a premium gift item that reminds customers of your company’s branding and products.  Many companies are also using them as an public awareness program for being more environmentally friendly as these bags are reusable, and not a use-and-throw plastic bags.  We at IPC has a very complete range of reusable bags for you to choose from – we are your preferred wholesaler and supplier of reusable bags.  We also manufacture customized shopping bags, together with your printed design to the size and shape you require.

Premium Laptop Bags as Gifts

Malaysia has a fast growing tech-savvy nation with more and more households having computers and laptops.  Most professionals would definitely have a laptop with them for office use.  Why not reward your staff with a laptop bag or laptop backpacks as part of your employee’s appreciation program? You could also give any of your clients and other stakeholders as a premium corporate gift for annual meetings, conferences and other events.  Laptop bags as corporate gifts would definitely increase the market perception of your company and brand if you incorporate a website and the company’s logo onto the bags. Have a look at more laptop bags here.

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