Shatter Proof Mugs

Glass Frosted MugCan you think of any occation where you accidently tip over your mug and it just breaks into pieces on the floor? That is why you really need a shatter proof mug.  These shatter proof mug is made of a strong material that is not easily breakable even though the solid coloured ones look very much like ceramic mugs and the translucent mugs like acrylic or glass.  These mugs are solid promotional gift items as they are cheap, and easily printed on.  You can easily create your required logo mug and make it suit your company’s branding as they comes in more than 10 different colours.  Just browse our mugs category on our website to see all your available mugs option!  Reposted from IPC Mugs

Reusable Bags

Do you need resusable bags as part of your packaged door gift for your annual dinner or wedding?  If yes, you have come to the right place.  We have a wide-range of reusable non-woven bags or shopping bags that are in various design and materials, including non-woven, polyester 600D, canvas, organza, nylon and velvet materials.  Your annual dinner is not complete with door gifts come packaged with our new-range of environmental friendly reusable bags or sometimes referred to as recycle bags. Do drop by at our door gift website so that you can get all your recycle shopping bags needs. Also, checkout our older “Reusable Bags” post here or shopping bag blog here.  Contact Us at 03-62772764

Christmas Gifts

Reindeer Soft ToyChristmas is fast approaching appoaching – it is a season where Kids have fun, and lots of snow (not in Malaysia, though).  Many businesses and corporations including hotels, shopping malls and others would be searching for Christmas gifts as a token to give to their clients.  If you need corporate gifts or Christmas-themed gifts for your goodie bags, seek from none other than the best corporate christmas gifts in town, IPC Gifts.  Wrap these Santa Claus Soft ToysReindeer Soft Toys or Other Party Toys with one of our packaging boxes and you are done.  If you want more, you can use non-woven bags to pack your corporate gifts to your clients.  Just drop-by our Ho-Ho-Ho website to see the available christmas-themed gifts and other corporate gift ideas.

Door Gift

Cutlery Gift SetDoor gifts for Annual Dinners – And the Best Employee Award goes to… The year is about to come to a close. Why not treat your employees with an end-of-year dinner for the good sales generated? Employees will feel proud that all their hard work is recognised and rewarded. So if you are organising the annual dinner for your company, there are many things to look into. There’s the ballroom to be booked, the itinerary to be decided on, and even the date itself to be determined. But there is one thing which can be easily settled and that is the door gifts or goodie bags for the event. Here at IPC Gifts, we can help you to device the ideal premium door gift ideas to present to the guests. Whether you’re looking for timeless favourites such as diaries or organizers, sentimental items like photo frames or other door gifts to fit your theme for the evening, IPC Gifts is your one-stop centre for corporate door gifts, especially for annual dinners. So contact us now and there’s one item less on the to-do checklist!

Corporate Diaries

Corporate DiariesHush, that’s a secret! – We’ve seen it in movies; the teenage girl who pours her heart out in her treasured fancy diary and then hides it in a secret place to keep away from prying eyes. Well, in the corporate world, the diary is an equally prized possession containing important information although some are more private than others. Important dates and anniversaries, business meetings, long-awaited holidays, and contact information of business associates are all found in diaries of executives and managers worldwide. Diaries are thus very practical as a premium corporate gift. Select a 2011 leather-bound diary from our range to give as tokens of appreciation to customers. Or emboss the front cover with your corporate image for a cohesive look for your employees when they meet with clients. Looking for other items to present as premiums? Come to our website for more great door gift ideas.

Cheque Book Holder

Travel Organizer and Cheque Book HolderCheckbook cover  – A cheque is a convenient alternative to carrying around loads of cash. However, it seems to be quite fragile for something which represents great value. Being issued a new cheque-book by the bank gives a sense of power to the holder but behind that empowerment is a fear that the chequebook might get damaged. Avoid the hassle of needing to replace a damaged chequebook by giving these check-book covers to your bank customers as premiums when they sign up for a current account with you. These leather and PU Leather protectors fit all standard-sized chequebooks and come in black, brown or batik colour designs. You can also give these cheque book covers to your biggest customers as an exclusive corporate gift the next time you successfully seal a deal with them. Do visit our website for the whole range of leather products and personal organisers you can present as company giveaways to business partners.

Passport Holder

Passport HolderBusiness or Pleasure? – Here’s a common question from the Immigration Officer when you’ve just landed, whether it’s at Heathrow, LAX or perhaps even KLIA. Whichever your answer, there’s one thing that you cannot travel abroad without and that is the passport. Now here is an exquisite item you can present as a premium corporate gift to those jet-setting business partners of yours: the Luxury Passport Holder. The classy black leather is serious enough for business travellers yet luxurious enough to be used when vacationing at exotic places. This passport holder not only protects the passport but also has enough compartments to put other documents such as the flight ticket itself and the boarding pass. If you are part of a tour company, this is also an ideal free gift to give to customers who have just purchased a travel package with you. Come over to our website for more ideas on premium corporate door gift ideas as we help your business soar to greater heights.


Wind Proof Golf Umbrella

Golf UmbrellaMalaysia has found her name on the lips of everyone in the sporting world again. The just concluded PGA Tour-recognised golf tournament was a success with plenty of top players swinging their way to the prize money and important Tour points. Golf is certainly a sport which is growing in stature in Malaysia and many in the corporate world take up the sport in order to be able to participate in informal business meetings on the green. This golf umbrella is thus an excellent item to be given as a premium corporate gift to your business associates. The dual-layer wind-proof feature is perfect to be used when waiting for your playing partner to take his or her shot on the fairway. Choose from the wide range of colours available and have your company name printed on the umbrella. For more details on this sunny idea and other premium golf umbrellas, visit our website.

Microwave Safe Coffee Mugs

Microwave Safe MugsInstant Coffee! Have there been times when you desperately needed your coffee fix but were deterred by the need to boil the water and wait? The solution? Boil just enough water to make that cuppa by popping this microwave-safe mug into the microwave for just a few seconds. Of course, this microwaveable mug is just as useful for tea-lovers as well. Whether your favourite blend is English Breakfast or Darjeeling , this mug is bound to be your trusty companion for an afternoon break with biscuits. So go ahead, give these faux-ceramic finish mugs as premium souvenirs at the next family day for your employees to use in the office. But make sure the pantry is equipped with a microwave to use these adorable mugs with. Choose from Groovy Green, Party-in-Pink, or Bubbly Blue to suit your company’s image. Visit our website for these microwave safe coffee mugs other amazing door gift ideas.

Door Gift for Annual Dinner

Door GiftsThe end of 2010 is approaching and many companies is going to hold their annual dinner very soon. Besides the talking, the socializing, the drinking and eating, an essential part of having an annual dinner is to give a memorable and useful door gift to the participants of the event.  It will remind clients, employees and other stakeholders of the event that happened and also as a means to further promote the company.  The door gifts for annual dinners are generally printed with the corporate logo and with text such as “10th Annual Dinner” below the door gift.  IPC Gifts is the most comprehensive resource for all your door gifts need – so contact us today for all your creative door gift ideas and more NOW!

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