Diary Supplier in Malaysia

It is time of the year again to brace yourself for a brand 2012 new year.  As a preparation, we at IPC Gifts has also prepared a whole new website for your perusal.  As your preferred diary supplier in Malaysia, we have launched a brand new website for diaries and organizers with all the latest desk planners, desk organizers, leather diaries and much more your your year-end needs.  Most importantly, we have placed all the pictures of the diary and organizer that you need in a detailed format, with closeup of the diary texture which shows clearly the leather, PU or paper bonded materials used for the organizers and planners. If you need diary printing that is customized with your needs here in Malaysia, look no further than at our brand new site at www.diarymalaysia.com.

For a great range of 2012 diaries, personal organizers and  daily planners, Diary Malaysia is offering a wide range of sizes and styles from PU leather to hard-board covers to soft leathers. A wide selection of corporate diary and corporate organizers are available for your corporate branding as we have previously service many esteemed companies ranging from SME to MNC.

Corporate Diaries

Corporate DiariesHush, that’s a secret! – We’ve seen it in movies; the teenage girl who pours her heart out in her treasured fancy diary and then hides it in a secret place to keep away from prying eyes. Well, in the corporate world, the diary is an equally prized possession containing important information although some are more private than others. Important dates and anniversaries, business meetings, long-awaited holidays, and contact information of business associates are all found in diaries of executives and managers worldwide. Diaries are thus very practical as a premium corporate gift. Select a 2011 leather-bound diary from our range to give as tokens of appreciation to customers. Or emboss the front cover with your corporate image for a cohesive look for your employees when they meet with clients. Looking for other items to present as premiums? Come to our website for more great door gift ideas.

Customize Your Year 2011 Diary

2011 DiaryThinking of customizing a 2011 diary for your company? It is very easy to do so, especially since there are so many up and coming suppliers of diaries such as Corporate Gift Malaysia.  Their website has most of your required diaries, organizers and note books that can be customized and printed with your company logo on it. No more hassle searching high and low for the best corporate gift – normally something as practical, cheap and useful as diaries that can be carried everywhere by your clients; and everytime they use it, they would surely see your company’s logo on it and be reminded of your company’s products and services. You should order your 2011 diaries soon to take advantage of the still-early timeline.  By the time it hits November, some diary supplier may not be able to cope with your orders – if your order is too small, they may not want to print the 2011 diary for you either!  So buy your 2011 diary today!

Corporate Gift Diaries and Organizers

Corporate gift diaries and organizers are probably the most practical and effective way of promoting your company’s branding with your customers, suppliers and employees.  If they like the design of your diary or organizer, they would probably use the diaries througout the year, and with your company’s logo in front of it, of course.  Many different design of diaries and organizers are available in the market in Malaysia.  IPC Gifts supplies custom-made diaries and organizers as well as ready-made ones.  Some available options are leather organizers, PU diaries, pocket diaries, and diaries made out of jeans material.  We even have designs with more Malaysian flavour such as songket-design organisers and batik-motived diaries.

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