What are The Step of Successful Gift Marketing?

Today we are going to go on a topic seldom disccussed on this blog, that is – What is the steps to successful gift marketing?

As a company, IPC follows a guideline for marketing of corporate souvenirs to serve clients well with extensive knowledge on this industry.

We are a member of the GIMC and follows the guide provided by the Gift Industry Malaysia Corporation.

See the first steps in success in the link below:



Choosing the right door gift for Annual Dinner.


Choosing the right door gift for annual dinner can be a treacherous activity. Most corporate buyers will select a committee team to assist the decision making process in choosing the right gift prior to setting their annual dinner theme. As the excitement towards the big day sets, most of the time corporate buyers are caught in between choosing something that matches their annual dinner theme verses the functionality of the products.

So today I am going to share with you some pointers in selecting the right annual dinner door gift.

1. Budget and Quantity- Filter off those that are not within the budget and thus cutting the short the decision-making process. It’s easier for the supplier to suggest the gift based on ex-stock if time is a constraint.

2. Target Audience- Very important to know the receiver of the gift. Let me give you an example of a case study between Tan Chong Motor and IBM Corporation. When both have their annual dinner, corporation like Tan Chong motor will always need to take into account their largest pool of factory workers, hence, they need to choose gifts like household products to ensure it is useful for their factory workers. On the other hand, corporations like IBM can always go for computer accessories or electronic items which are deem more useful for their everyday working life.

3. Delivery Dateline- Time is very factor in selecting the right gift. Some items are not necessarily in stock and we need extra time to produce customized items. Hence, early planning is essential to help corporate to plan head and save cost.

4. Be creative and fun- If you are having a pirates theme annual dinner, you can always go for a customized pillow with pirates design printed on it. Unusual gift but definitely something nostalgic. If the gift itself is quite generic, you can always play around with the packaging. In this case, we will recommend our customers to print their theme design on the non-woven bags. Besides promoting the theme, you are encouraging environmental friendliness too.

5. Make it a joyful experience- It’s true because at the end of the day, you can’t make everybody happy. Someone will definitely make a not so nice comment about the gift, be it the colour or the size. So, don’t fret, there is no such thing as a perfect gift.

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