Wind Proof Golf Umbrella

Golf UmbrellaMalaysia has found her name on the lips of everyone in the sporting world again. The just concluded PGA Tour-recognised golf tournament was a success with plenty of top players swinging their way to the prize money and important Tour points. Golf is certainly a sport which is growing in stature in Malaysia and many in the corporate world take up the sport in order to be able to participate in informal business meetings on the green. This golf umbrella is thus an excellent item to be given as a premium corporate gift to your business associates. The dual-layer wind-proof feature is perfect to be used when waiting for your playing partner to take his or her shot on the fairway. Choose from the wide range of colours available and have your company name printed on the umbrella. For more details on this sunny idea and other premium golf umbrellas, visit our website.

Bottle Umbrella

Bottle UmbrellaYour Friendly Fold-up Friend – Have you ever been a victim of stolen umbrellas? You leave an umbrella in the office as stand-by and one rainy day you find it missing because someone ‘borrowed’ it and promptly forgot to return it. Frustrating? Well, if your brolly is disguised as something else, then there’s a higher chance it will still be where you placed it. This unique bottle umbrella is excellent as a premier corporate freebie. Give it as an exclusive gift with your products and your customers will appreciate the sturdy bottle case which protects the umbrella. The bottle also acts to prevent rain water from dripping all over the place after use; especially useful if there is no place to air an umbrella. When not in use, the silk-screen printed logo of your company makes the umbrella a cool deco-cum-marketing tool. Come to our website to view our full range of other practical products you can give as premium corporate gifts.

Custom Your Premium Corporate Umbrellas

Corporate gifts giving is getting to be more and more part of the norm these days to promote the company’s brand name and rapport with the customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  One of the most popular items these days are umbrellas.  IPC Gifts could help design your custom umbrellas that you require with your chosen colour, size, shape and handle.  We will also help you print your umbrellas with your logo.  Among the custom umbrellas available are foldable umbrellas that open to 28 inches, 30 inch golf umbrellas, 24 inch auto-open “J” Handle umbrellas and other premium umbrellas.  The materials that are used for your corporate umbrellas can be chosen from silver top tafetta, nylon, or poly materials. We also have special umbrellas like heart-shaped umbrellas, couple umbrellas as well as maple leaf umbrellas.

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