Premium Gift

Premium Gift MugPremium gift is the term commonly used to describe souvenirs or corporate gifts in Malaysia and Singapore.  In general, the premium gift industry refers to the corporate gifts or door gifts industry that includes the wholesalers, suppliers, agents and the customers that requires these products.  Accurately described, “premium gift” should refer to gifts that are unique and exclusive and generally carries a higher value than the “normal” gift products.  A more accurate description of the term premium gift would probably be promotional products or souvenirs or momentos or even giveaways.  If they are used as giveaways as a token of appreciation to clients, staff or other stakeholders, the term used would be either corporate gifts or company souvenirs.

Premium gift suppliers in Malaysia may refer to a few different categories.  There are wholesalers and manufacturers of premium gifts, that would probably be the importers or producers of the gifts.  Then, there are smaller suppliers that may provide a one-stop service to their customers that may include sourcing the perfect gift item, printing of the gifts, packaging as well as delivery of the products to the client.  These clients may or may not want a premium item, and sometimes would just require a regular promotional gift.  There are also some advertising companies or event companies that also call themselves premium gift suppliers.  The best premium gift suppliers would have extensive product knowledge of premium gifts and know exactly what their client wants as well as provide the best service and price to their customers.

Premium GiftChoosing a premium gift supplier is difficult.  You need to choose one that supply you with a gift that is both premium and in good quality.  Certain stockist may have a lot of different choices in their inventory, but some gift products may be of inferior quality.  Hence, it may not be a bad idea of allowing those one-stop service providers that knows the industry well to ensure the quality of the promo products you purchase.  Some may sell you a good product, but their delivery time-frame might be slow.  Hence, you really have do try out a few different premium gift suppliers and choose one that you are most comfortable with.

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