Paper Clips

Human Clips in BoxClip or staple? Paper clip or stapler? Why, paper clips of course! For environmental purposes, using paper clips trumps staplers which eat up non-reusable bullets. Paper clips also win hands down in terms of being eye-catching and fun. By giving out these colourful metal paper clips as corporate friendship tokens, your customers can say goodbye to boring ol’ staplers and say hello to a little bit of sustainability in their lives. These red, green, blue, yellow paper clips make it easy to categorise documents and identify ownership. Or it can also be a reflection of your personality; red if you’re feeling bold, yellow for some fun and excitement, or blue for some calming effects. You can also present human-shaped mini paper clips to your employees’ children as part of the academic achievement award. Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, paper clips are as versatile as premiums go. So come on over to our website now to view our full range of corporate gifts, especially paper clips!

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