Caps with Embroidery

CapsMind Your Head!! РThe firefighter has his helmet, the artist is almost never seen without his felt beret and policemen look extra authoritative with their hats. There are jobs which are distinguished by what the person wears on the head, but there is one headgear that can go with everyone, the baseball cap. As the name suggests, the design originated from baseball where the player wears a hard duckbill-shaped hat when batting. Nowadays, the baseball cap has evolved to suit the masses and are made from a variety of materials that are sweat-absorbent (cotton caps) or allow for breathability (micro fibre caps). Micro fibre caps are ideal as premiums for sports campaigns or for launching of an outdoor event. Other stylish cap designs include the cotton or plastic sun visor. Come on over to our website for more caps with embroidery and other corporate gift solutions.

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