What are The Step of Successful Gift Marketing?

Today we are going to go on a topic seldom disccussed on this blog, that is – What is the steps to successful gift marketing?

As a company, IPC follows a guideline for marketing of corporate souvenirs to serve clients well with extensive knowledge on this industry.

We are a member of the GIMC and follows the guide provided by the Gift Industry Malaysia Corporation.

See the first steps in success in the link below:



Choosing the right door gift for Annual Dinner.


Choosing the right door gift for annual dinner can be a treacherous activity. Most corporate buyers will select a committee team to assist the decision making process in choosing the right gift prior to setting their annual dinner theme. As the excitement towards the big day sets, most of the time corporate buyers are caught in between choosing something that matches their annual dinner theme verses the functionality of the products.

So today I am going to share with you some pointers in selecting the right annual dinner door gift.

1. Budget and Quantity- Filter off those that are not within the budget and thus cutting the short the decision-making process. It’s easier for the supplier to suggest the gift based on ex-stock if time is a constraint.

2. Target Audience- Very important to know the receiver of the gift. Let me give you an example of a case study between Tan Chong Motor and IBM Corporation. When both have their annual dinner, corporation like Tan Chong motor will always need to take into account their largest pool of factory workers, hence, they need to choose gifts like household products to ensure it is useful for their factory workers. On the other hand, corporations like IBM can always go for computer accessories or electronic items which are deem more useful for their everyday working life.

3. Delivery Dateline- Time is very factor in selecting the right gift. Some items are not necessarily in stock and we need extra time to produce customized items. Hence, early planning is essential to help corporate to plan head and save cost.

4. Be creative and fun- If you are having a pirates theme annual dinner, you can always go for a customized pillow with pirates design printed on it. Unusual gift but definitely something nostalgic. If the gift itself is quite generic, you can always play around with the packaging. In this case, we will recommend our customers to print their theme design on the non-woven bags. Besides promoting the theme, you are encouraging environmental friendliness too.

5. Make it a joyful experience- It’s true because at the end of the day, you can’t make everybody happy. Someone will definitely make a not so nice comment about the gift, be it the colour or the size. So, don’t fret, there is no such thing as a perfect gift.

Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are small bags useful for traveling or a trip to the gym to keep our body hygiene products such as shampoos, shower gels, toothbrush, dental floss, lotions and perhaps the usual skin care products. Most of our toiletry bags have hooks to hang in in the toilet, hence it’s convenient to carry when you’re on the go.

Our OB-013 toiletry bag (below), has two main compartments: one that unfolds to a large open hanging compartment with three clear, roomy zippered pockets and another large zippered compartment that can hold additional items. This is one of our most sought after toiletry bag, and we challenge you to fill all the compartments, as you see there is a space for everything.


If you’re looking for something more compact, do check out our colourful modern toiletry bags available in four colours; pink, yellow, green and blue. Most female buyers are attracted to the colour and it fits the essentials. So if you want an extra pouch, you might want to consider our toiletry pouch that’s available to put in your cosmetics.


Keychain and Keyholder Supplier

Hi All – Howdy?  For those following this corporate gift blog and all the fans out there, sorry for the lack of post lately.  Business on this growing business is brisk lately, and lack of time is one of the reasons for not having much lately.

Key Chain Supplier

One of the most popular item of late is our latest designs of key-chain, the Jewel Key Chain series.  Our supplier has drafted from scratch the special metal jewel effect, to create a key-holder so elegant looking without the need of any jewel studs.  This makes the price of the key chain much lower than other exclusive keychains with Swarovski crystal or crystal studded keyholders out there.  As a premier supplier of key chains in Malaysia, we always look out for the best deal and best give-away item, and in this case, these custom-molded metal keychains looks very exclusive white maintaining an affordable pricing for everyone.

What is a Keychain?

Wikipedia describes here that keychain or also spelled “key chain” as a chain that connects a key ring that holds key to a keyring. The length of the keychain enables an item to be more easily handled that if connected directly to a keyring.  They function as a marking or indicator to identify a set of keys or just as a prop to make a bunch of keys look more presentable.  Choosing a kind of keyholder also gives an identity to your character.

There are many thousands of types of design of key chains out there, including those made of wood, rubber, metal, plastic, leather acrylic…. basically any kinds of material you can think of.  Some of the more popular material used for give-away keyholders in Malaysia are leather, metal and plastic.  They also comes in various shapes and sizes – oval, rectangular, square, t-shirt shaped, you name it.  Some sample photos are shown below:-

Jewel Metal KeyholderLeather KeyholderOval Plastic KeychainRubberized keyholder with Carabiner Hook

Here are a list of some of the available key chain materials that are supplied in Malaysia:

  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Rubberized or Soft PVC
  • Acrylic
  • PU Leather
  • Plastic

Our Bandar Manjalara, Kepong (Kuala Lumpur) showroom has all the samples available for viewing.  Click here to checkout the available ready stock items from the keychain supplier in Malaysia…  If you need printing on these items, the best way is to laser engrave on metal or metallic keychains, deboss or hotstamping on leather ones and silkscreen/pad printing for plastic keychains.

I Am Not a Paper Cup

After a long hiatus, we at IPC Gifts are back with more updates and latest news and products for all your corporate promotional gifts needs.  We would like to introduce one of our hottest selling item – the Eco Cup!  This Eco Cup or I am Not a Paper Cup looks very much like those paper cups commonly used to serve premium coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean.  However, it is definitely NOT a paper cup – the body is made of porcelain while the cover and grip is made of food grade silicone rubberized material.  From its innovative design, it is no wonder this item is commonly promoted with a shout-out slogan “I Am Not A Paper Cup!”  This 350ml cup comes in a very innovative colour box most suitable in showing off its creative design.  Print your logo on it and Wohlah – your most creative corporate gift to date.  View more picture and details of this Eco Cup here>> “I Am Not A Paper Cup

Diary Supplier in Malaysia

It is time of the year again to brace yourself for a brand 2012 new year.  As a preparation, we at IPC Gifts has also prepared a whole new website for your perusal.  As your preferred diary supplier in Malaysia, we have launched a brand new website for diaries and organizers with all the latest desk planners, desk organizers, leather diaries and much more your your year-end needs.  Most importantly, we have placed all the pictures of the diary and organizer that you need in a detailed format, with closeup of the diary texture which shows clearly the leather, PU or paper bonded materials used for the organizers and planners. If you need diary printing that is customized with your needs here in Malaysia, look no further than at our brand new site at www.diarymalaysia.com.

For a great range of 2012 diaries, personal organizers and  daily planners, Diary Malaysia is offering a wide range of sizes and styles from PU leather to hard-board covers to soft leathers. A wide selection of corporate diary and corporate organizers are available for your corporate branding as we have previously service many esteemed companies ranging from SME to MNC.

Car Mini Sucker

“Baby on Board”, “Drive Safely” and “If You See This Sign, You Are Too Close!”  are among the screaming signs you can see stuck on the back of the car’s back windscreen or side windows.  These car mini suckers can be a fun, yet functional tool for your company to display your message as well as your company logo.  How do you do it?  Just design your own message, for example “Just Do It” and print your company logo on it, in this case, NIKE.  The best of all, these car sucker signs don’t cost you a bomb, and range below RM5 for basic printing.  Best thing is, they can be stuck on any glass surfaces, not just only in cars, be it your glass door on your shop front, glass windows, or even the shower screen in your bathroom!

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