Name Card Holder

Leather Name Card HolderName cards are one of the indispensable tools in the business world. Have you ever heard of people who arrive to a meeting and were horrified to realise they have forgotten to bring their name cards? Help the new executives to your company avoid this embarrassing situation by giving these name card holders together with their company name cards. When using these leather and stainless steel pocket companions embossed with your company logo, your employees will be able to present a strong and classy corporate image to the people they meet. If yours is an up-and-coming fun company, do consider presenting these multi-coloured PU name card holders as premiums. You can also give other leather products as exclusive corporate gifts to your customers such as these executive diaries. For other great ideas of gift-giving of name card holders and more, visit our website.

Bottle Umbrella

Bottle UmbrellaYour Friendly Fold-up Friend – Have you ever been a victim of stolen umbrellas? You leave an umbrella in the office as stand-by and one rainy day you find it missing because someone ‘borrowed’ it and promptly forgot to return it. Frustrating? Well, if your brolly is disguised as something else, then there’s a higher chance it will still be where you placed it. This unique bottle umbrella is excellent as a premier corporate freebie. Give it as an exclusive gift with your products and your customers will appreciate the sturdy bottle case which protects the umbrella. The bottle also acts to prevent rain water from dripping all over the place after use; especially useful if there is no place to air an umbrella. When not in use, the silk-screen printed logo of your company makes the umbrella a cool deco-cum-marketing tool. Come to our website to view our full range of other practical products you can give as premium corporate gifts.

Foldable Storage Box

Foldable Storage BoxOrigami Lesson 1: Paper Crane. First, fold a square piece of paper diagonally half. Then fold it diagonally half the other way. After that,… Oh who are we kidding? Lets just do some easier paper folding with this foldable storage box. These cardboard boxes are sturdy and good for storing just about anything.  Best thing is, they fold flat easily for convenient storage. Get your company logo or name printed on these foldable storage boxes and give them as premium corporate gifts. These boxes are ideal to be given to magazine subscribers who like to keep copies of their favourite periodicals, to new homeowners who need space for sentimental items from their previous home, or to roadshow organisers to carry pamphlets or other goodies. Feeling too boxed-in by this idea? Visit our site for more ideas of premiums besides this foldable storage box that you can give as freebies to your customers.

Water Bottles

Sports Water BottleWe need at least six glasses of water everyday to keep ourselves hydrated. The fluids which we take might not necessarily come directly by our drinking action alone but from a wide range of sources. There’s the dahl you drenched your roti canai in for breakfast, the juicy watermelon you had after lunch, and the soup you had for starters during dinner. But it is undeniable that drinking water contributes the highest percentage of our daily fluid intake. So it is best to give water bottles as premium corporate giveaways whether to employees or as part of a sports event marketing strategy. Gyms and lifestyle centres can offer these polycarbonate bottles to members as an encouragement to sweat it out more. Other great replenishment ideas which you can present to customers as company freebies are insulated water bottles or microwave safe mugs. Come to our website for more inspiring gifts.

Paper Clips

Human Clips in BoxClip or staple? Paper clip or stapler? Why, paper clips of course! For environmental purposes, using paper clips trumps staplers which eat up non-reusable bullets. Paper clips also win hands down in terms of being eye-catching and fun. By giving out these colourful metal paper clips as corporate friendship tokens, your customers can say goodbye to boring ol’ staplers and say hello to a little bit of sustainability in their lives. These red, green, blue, yellow paper clips make it easy to categorise documents and identify ownership. Or it can also be a reflection of your personality; red if you’re feeling bold, yellow for some fun and excitement, or blue for some calming effects. You can also present human-shaped mini paper clips to your employees’ children as part of the academic achievement award. Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, paper clips are as versatile as premiums go. So come on over to our website now to view our full range of corporate gifts, especially paper clips!

Bags Supplier

Organza BagsNeed a bag supplier? Or do you just need some ideas of what bags to get?  Get all your ideas for corporate gifts, especially bags on Iprecious blog.  If you need something small to package your door gift during festivals, weddings or “kenduris” such as organza bags that’s the best place to get it, with IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd.  Why choose other bags suppliers when you have a knowledgable, good-service and friendly company such as IPC?  We can propose everything you need for your premium gifts especially bags.  Contact 012-617 1155 (Ms Lydia) for the best corporate gift and bags supplier in Malaysia today!

Handbag Hook

Bag HookTwinkle Twinkle Little Star – You’ve just arrived at your company’s annual gala dinner looking fit and fabulous. After all the pleasantries you finally make it to your seat. Then you’re faced with this common dilemma: Where do I put my evening bag? Now lessee… I could put it behind my seat. “What? And risk having my crocodile leather clutch become crocodile leather crush?” Maybe the floor would do. “No way will I risk my neighbour kicking into my pristine white calfskin bag!” Yes, yes, calm down. We understand you perfectly ladies. Now pray very hard that the event planners had just given you this bejewelled bag hook as your door gift. Dear bosses, this compact little darling sits pretty on the dinner table and gives the deserving ladies in your company an excellent place to hang their handbags whenever they have functions to attend. So present them with this as a company gift and they will surely remember your thoughtfulness every time they use this handbag hook. This bag holder comes in two shapes, heart and round. Visit our site for more glittering ideas for giving premium corporate gifts including handbag hooks.

Customize Your Year 2011 Diary

2011 DiaryThinking of customizing a 2011 diary for your company? It is very easy to do so, especially since there are so many up and coming suppliers of diaries such as Corporate Gift Malaysia.  Their website has most of your required diaries, organizers and note books that can be customized and printed with your company logo on it. No more hassle searching high and low for the best corporate gift – normally something as practical, cheap and useful as diaries that can be carried everywhere by your clients; and everytime they use it, they would surely see your company’s logo on it and be reminded of your company’s products and services. You should order your 2011 diaries soon to take advantage of the still-early timeline.  By the time it hits November, some diary supplier may not be able to cope with your orders – if your order is too small, they may not want to print the 2011 diary for you either!  So buy your 2011 diary today!

Wine Holder

Wine HolderHold the Champagne! – Can you believe that 2010 is almost coming to a close already? That’s right. But it’s still only October, too early for celebrations. But you can help your customers prepare for the year-end bubbly by giving them with this exclusive wine holder free with their next bottle purchased. This cool and trendy neoprene holder makes it easy to carry your favourite Cabernet Sauvignon to BYOB functions or when sharing a current vintage Chardonnay at a birthday bash. These colourful blue, red, and black wine carriers will be the centre of attention and on everyone’s lips. So you see, there are plenty of occasions for your customers to help you promote your brand when they carry this wine holder around with them. Make sure that everyone at a party remembers your company when they want to buy their Shiraz or Merlot. Come visit our website for more delightful ideas of premium corporate gifts and wine holders!

Mugs Supplier

To be the best mugs supplier in town, you definitely ought to have one of the largest choice of different mugs and cups with different material, design and sizes. The new blog, has a complete database and information all about mugs, cups, shot glasses, bottles, thermos flasks and other drinkware available in Malaysia.  This informative mugs blog also describes some facts and history about mugs.  View the blog of IPC Mugs here.

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