Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are small bags useful for traveling or a trip to the gym to keep our body hygiene products such as shampoos, shower gels, toothbrush, dental floss, lotions and perhaps the usual skin care products. Most of our toiletry bags have hooks to hang in in the toilet, hence it’s convenient to carry when you’re on the go.

Our OB-013 toiletry bag (below), has two main compartments: one that unfolds to a large open hanging compartment with three clear, roomy zippered pockets and another large zippered compartment that can hold additional items. This is one of our most sought after toiletry bag, and we challenge you to fill all the compartments, as you see there is a space for everything.


If you’re looking for something more compact, do check out our colourful modern toiletry bags available in four colours; pink, yellow, green and blue. Most female buyers are attracted to the colour and it fits the essentials. So if you want an extra pouch, you might want to consider our toiletry pouch that’s available to put in your cosmetics.


Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter or travel adaptor is a device used to convert various sockets in one country or region to suit the plug of the device you are using from your home country.  There are various AC power plugs and sockets throughout the world, some with 2 pins and some with 3 pins, together with different voltage and watts.  These travel adapters act as a saviour by ensuring your devices you bring along during your travel can be used anywhere in the world.  It is definitely a must-have international travel companion if you fly around the world all the time.  One of the most popular brand for travel adaptors is the Swiss Travel Products.  But if you are considering something cheaper that are within your budget, you should consider OEM versions of these adapters that are also certified in their quality.  Where to buy travel adapters in Malaysia?  Look no further than your preferred supplier of universal travel adapters, IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd.  As these items would suit your budget, why not buy some to give out as your company’s corporate gifts?  Just print your corporate logo onto them and give these international travel adapters to your stakeholders – they will surely be happy to get one!  Buy Now >

Acrylic Luggage Tag

Human Luggage TagImagine you’ve just landed after a long business trip. All you want to do right now is to go home, have a shower and sleep away the jet lag. As you wait for what seems like hours at the baggage reclaim conveyor, you start to wonder “where IS my bag? Did I miss it? Was it taken by someone else with a similar bag?” Spare yourself such worry with these unique human-shaped luggage tags. These acrylic tags are durable and come in red, blue, orange, or black. Give your customers luggage tags as freebies when they sign up for a travel package at the Matta Fair. Or give them to your airline crew as company gifts. Even school children will appreciate receiving bag tags as prezzies. Visit our website to see the full range or for other luggage tags and other travel gifts. Bon voyage!

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