Premium Laptop Bags as Gifts

Malaysia has a fast growing tech-savvy nation with more and more households having computers and laptops.  Most professionals would definitely have a laptop with them for office use.  Why not reward your staff with a laptop bag or laptop backpacks as part of your employee’s appreciation program? You could also give any of your clients and other stakeholders as a premium corporate gift for annual meetings, conferences and other events.  Laptop bags as corporate gifts would definitely increase the market perception of your company and brand if you incorporate a website and the company’s logo onto the bags. Have a look at more laptop bags here.

Premium Manicure Sets as Gifts

Manicure sets with complete nail clippers, files, scissors, etc. are suitable as premium gifts especially for companies in the hospitality industry. Businesses such as spas, hotels, perfume companies, as well as pedicure and medicure service providers can opt to give these premium manicure sets as gifts to their clients.  There premium manicure sets comes in many designs such as manicure set with PP Box, manicure set with zipper pouch and also nail clipper sets with keyholders.  IPC Gifts is a supplier of various manicure sets and you can contact us for more details.

Corporate Gift Diaries and Organizers

Corporate gift diaries and organizers are probably the most practical and effective way of promoting your company’s branding with your customers, suppliers and employees.  If they like the design of your diary or organizer, they would probably use the diaries througout the year, and with your company’s logo in front of it, of course.  Many different design of diaries and organizers are available in the market in Malaysia.  IPC Gifts supplies custom-made diaries and organizers as well as ready-made ones.  Some available options are leather organizers, PU diaries, pocket diaries, and diaries made out of jeans material.  We even have designs with more Malaysian flavour such as songket-design organisers and batik-motived diaries.

Buy Highlighter as Corporate Gifts

Flower Highlighter There is nothing more practical to give out as corporate gifts as highlighters.  Highlighters are ideal for corporation, government agencies, education centres, banks, and other businesses to give out as a souvenir for their customers, students and employees.  Highlighters comes in all shapes and sizes including flower highlighters, some shaped like a heart, a pyramid, a set of different highlighters and even in the shape of a human image! Prices of highlighters ranges from RM3 up to RM6 depending on the quantity and printing required.  Everybody needs some highlights in their lives – and giving it as a promotional item with your logo on it would be an ideal gift to anyone of all ages. Buy these highlighters from none other than IPC Gifts today!

Custom Your Premium Corporate Umbrellas

Corporate gifts giving is getting to be more and more part of the norm these days to promote the company’s brand name and rapport with the customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  One of the most popular items these days are umbrellas.  IPC Gifts could help design your custom umbrellas that you require with your chosen colour, size, shape and handle.  We will also help you print your umbrellas with your logo.  Among the custom umbrellas available are foldable umbrellas that open to 28 inches, 30 inch golf umbrellas, 24 inch auto-open “J” Handle umbrellas and other premium umbrellas.  The materials that are used for your corporate umbrellas can be chosen from silver top tafetta, nylon, or poly materials. We also have special umbrellas like heart-shaped umbrellas, couple umbrellas as well as maple leaf umbrellas.

I Precious Collections is now IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd

I Precious Collections is now formally and officially known as IPC Gifts Sdn Bhd.  IPC Gifts has one of the the widest range of premium gift and corporate gifts available in Malaysia.  We offer one-stop premium gift solutions with a complete service from sourcing, packaging, printing, and delivery right up to your doorstep.  Stay tuned for more juicy information on latest premium gift items, corporate gift product and Malaysia gift news on this blog.

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