Shatter Proof Mugs

Glass Frosted MugCan you think of any occation where you accidently tip over your mug and it just breaks into pieces on the floor? That is why you really need a shatter proof mug.  These shatter proof mug is made of a strong material that is not easily breakable even though the solid coloured ones look very much like ceramic mugs and the translucent mugs like acrylic or glass.  These mugs are solid promotional gift items as they are cheap, and easily printed on.  You can easily create your required logo mug and make it suit your company’s branding as they comes in more than 10 different colours.  Just browse our mugs category on our website to see all your available mugs option!  Reposted from IPC Mugs

One Response to Shatter Proof Mugs

  1. ms.wong says:

    Dear all,

    Good day. I would like to seek your assistance to provide as Shatter Proof Mugs rate .

    Quantity required : 130pcs – 150pcs
    Remark : need to print our company name,logo and 25th anniversary at body.


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