Passport Holder

Passport HolderBusiness or Pleasure? – Here’s a common question from the Immigration Officer when you’ve just landed, whether it’s at Heathrow, LAX or perhaps even KLIA. Whichever your answer, there’s one thing that you cannot travel abroad without and that is the passport. Now here is an exquisite item you can present as a premium corporate gift to those jet-setting business partners of yours: the Luxury Passport Holder. The classy black leather is serious enough for business travellers yet luxurious enough to be used when vacationing at exotic places. This passport holder not only protects the passport but also has enough compartments to put other documents such as the flight ticket itself and the boarding pass. If you are part of a tour company, this is also an ideal free gift to give to customers who have just purchased a travel package with you. Come over to our website for more ideas on premium corporate door gift ideas as we help your business soar to greater heights.


2 Responses to Passport Holder

  1. intan says:

    i do like to get a better service from IPC, but when i request a quotation, the service that i get are really bad. i dont understand why it takes so long to quot me the item that you provide?

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