Microwave Safe Coffee Mugs

Microwave Safe MugsInstant Coffee! Have there been times when you desperately needed your coffee fix but were deterred by the need to boil the water and wait? The solution? Boil just enough water to make that cuppa by popping this microwave-safe mug into the microwave for just a few seconds. Of course, this microwaveable mug is just as useful for tea-lovers as well. Whether your favourite blend is English Breakfast or Darjeeling , this mug is bound to be your trusty companion for an afternoon break with biscuits. So go ahead, give these faux-ceramic finish mugs as premium souvenirs at the next family day for your employees to use in the office. But make sure the pantry is equipped with a microwave to use these adorable mugs with. Choose from Groovy Green, Party-in-Pink, or Bubbly Blue to suit your company’s image. Visit our website for these microwave safe coffee mugs other amazing door gift ideas.

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