Foldable Storage Box

Foldable Storage BoxOrigami Lesson 1: Paper Crane. First, fold a square piece of paper diagonally half. Then fold it diagonally half the other way. After that,… Oh who are we kidding? Lets just do some easier paper folding with this foldable storage box. These cardboard boxes are sturdy and good for storing just about anything.  Best thing is, they fold flat easily for convenient storage. Get your company logo or name printed on these foldable storage boxes and give them as premium corporate gifts. These boxes are ideal to be given to magazine subscribers who like to keep copies of their favourite periodicals, to new homeowners who need space for sentimental items from their previous home, or to roadshow organisers to carry pamphlets or other goodies. Feeling too boxed-in by this idea? Visit our site for more ideas of premiums besides this foldable storage box that you can give as freebies to your customers.

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