Handbag Hook

Bag HookTwinkle Twinkle Little Star – You’ve just arrived at your company’s annual gala dinner looking fit and fabulous. After all the pleasantries you finally make it to your seat. Then you’re faced with this common dilemma: Where do I put my evening bag? Now lessee… I could put it behind my seat. “What? And risk having my crocodile leather clutch become crocodile leather crush?” Maybe the floor would do. “No way will I risk my neighbour kicking into my pristine white calfskin bag!” Yes, yes, calm down. We understand you perfectly ladies. Now pray very hard that the event planners had just given you this bejewelled bag hook as your door gift. Dear bosses, this compact little darling sits pretty on the dinner table and gives the deserving ladies in your company an excellent place to hang their handbags whenever they have functions to attend. So present them with this as a company gift and they will surely remember your thoughtfulness every time they use this handbag hook. This bag holder comes in two shapes, heart and round. Visit our site for more glittering ideas for giving premium corporate gifts including handbag hooks.

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