Reusable Bags

A very popular promotional giveaway item used as packaging for premium gifts and brochures these days are reusable bags.  Many corporations, businesses and organizations use bags such as nylon bags, non-woven bags, canvas bags and jute bags as part of their promotional program such as roadshows, events, seminars and exhibitions. Normally a catalogue or brochure would be inserted into the bags, normally together with a premium gift item that reminds customers of your company’s branding and products.  Many companies are also using them as an public awareness program for being more environmentally friendly as these bags are reusable, and not a use-and-throw plastic bags.  We at IPC has a very complete range of reusable bags for you to choose from – we are your preferred wholesaler and supplier of reusable bags.  We also manufacture customized shopping bags, together with your printed design to the size and shape you require.

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